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It's the People Inside

Open4Hire Overview


HRA Employee Solutions has taken recruiting to the next level with an on-line Applicant Tracking System that is fully integrated to the HRA HRIS.


This system, called HRA Open4Hire, has a front office section that creates the job board on your company web-site plus a back office section that helps manage and filter through the applications received.The entire job application process can be expedited and simplified through HRA Open4Hire, the innovative online applicant tracking system.


HRA Open4Hire (O4H) saves time and eliminates the data entry.


HRA Open4Hire Applicant Tracking System


HRA Open4Hire creates on-line Job Application Forms that can be simple or comprehensive, as each position demands.


The unique “At-A-Glance Dashboard” shows statistics for the job applications live as they come. See how many people have applied for each of your Postings at any time and manage the hiring process efficiently.


Open4Hire helps with all steps of the process including resume filtering, applicant screening, notes and ratings, applicant interviews, on-boarding processes and more.


Once each successful Applicant has been identified, simply hit the ‘Hire’ button to transfer the information into the HRA HRIS. A large amount of information for each hired applicant goes directly into the HRA HRIS. All other applicants can be kept on file for future reference.