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It's the People Inside
HRA Conference 2013 West,
Vancouver, BC, Canada

HRA holds an annual Customer Conference each year. The Conferences alternate between the east and west to facilitate easy travelling for our customers across North America.

The next HRA Conference will be held in June of 2013 (location to be determined) in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Thursday is a Training Day and Friday is the HRA Annual Conference.

Low cost Annual Training Days and free Annual Conferences are provided as part of the Annual Maintenance program to ensure our customers get the most from HRA..

The HRA Conference & Training Days focus on getting the most out of HRA. All attendees are asked to bring laptops to the conference loaded with HRA and their company data. This allows for hands on, targeted Report Writer training at the correct skill levels plus attendees can take the reports that they write during the conference home with them and upload them into their system.






Spring, 2013

Vancouver, B.C., Canada


Thursday: HRA Training Day 8:30-5:00


Friday: HRA Conference 2013 West 8:30-4:00


Pictures from past Conferences and Customer Days