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HRIS Overview


The core of the HRA Employee Solutions product offering is the HRA Global HRIS/HRMS - an HR Software System in use in more than a dozen countries.


HRA HRIS: A complete HR Software Solution.

There are versions of the HRA HRIS available for companies ranging from 25 to 5,000 employees.

Start with a version of the HRA HRIS that is suitable for your company now and you can upgrade to a larger version if your company or needs grow.


The HRA HRIS has an Employee Self Serve and a Manager Self Serve for direct access to the HRIS information by employees or managers.


Features of the HRA Self Serves include:


- Control which modules they can see and what they can change.


- Employees can enter information and their managers can manage their approvals via the built-in Workflow Module.


- No administration for signing up hundreds of employees.


- Employee Self Service means less calls to HR for answers they can get themselves.


Giving managers their own access makes sense. Information is input once, at the source, and it flows throughout the system automatically.

HRA HRIS HR Software Overview

The HRA HRIS is a simple-to-use yet powerful web based HR software solution that is 20 years in the making. HRA Global has the depth and capabilities to handle a wide range of HR and Corporate objectives, starting with basic needs in a small company to more complex requirements in larger organizations.


The HRA HRIS also incorporates the basic Time and Attendance System called Open4Time. Open4Time replaces your spreadsheet timesheets and brings the process right into the HRIS for a streamlined operation.  
Employee Self Service