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It's the People Inside

No double entering of data

In order to eliminate errors associated with the double entering of data, most clients link HRA with their payroll program. Clients can use the built-in payroll interfaces to connect with any Payroll Package they choose and the common information will flow between the two systems. From that moment forward,they never have to enter the same information twice.


HRA gives independence of choice.

By choosing HRA clients get a highly customizable, specialized, focused HRIS Solution and the payroll department can choose whichever payroll product they want. Both departments can buy the best products most suited for themselves - from the companies that specialize in each area – and HRA has the integration answers to bring all the systems together easily - Independence and Co-dependence.


Data Integration extends to other products

The HRA HRIS / HRMS has four (yes four) different powerful methods for interfacing with external systems built right in. Each method has been purpose-built over the years to accomplish interfacing with a wide variety of external products including Payrolls, Time and Attendance Systems, Performance Management Systems, ERP Systems, custom databases, CRM Systems and more.


At HRA we specialize in making sure that information is only entered once into one system and then is passed effortlessly to other systems with little or no human interaction needed.

Payroll Integration Overview


The HRA HRIS has been a standalone HRIS for 20 years and has been integrated with literally dozens of payroll programs. This gives our customers the ability to use whichever payroll they want and to switch to a different payroll or ERP whenever they want to too.


Freedom of Payroll Choice means that our customers can choose the best-of-breed for each of their products or combinations of products and then have all those products talk together.

Interface diagram detailing connection of multiple
external systems with HRA HRIS and HRA O4H