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It's the People Inside

Report writing in an HRIS or in Applicant Tracking Software is often overlooked.


Nyamba, the HRA  Report Writer, is the answer.


Nyamba is a fast, easy-to-learn, HRIS Reporting Tool that gives control and insight to all HRA users.




The HRA HRIS Reporting Tool, called Nyamba, is the result of years of experience in working with our clients and tackling their reporting needs. With Nyamba we have created a unique HRIS reporting tool that exceeds the regular, “popular” Report Writers.


Nyamba is the perfect balance between Power and Simplicity. Whether you write HRIS reports every day, once a month or once a year, you will always feel comfortable and empowered using Nyamba.


Nyamba HRIS reports can be distributed with full control according to security level or group.


Nyamba comes fully integrated into both the HRA HRIS and HRA Open4Hire.