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There are four versions of the HRA HRIS available.














HRA Hosted (Cloud)

With HRA Hosted you get a fully hosted version of HRA Global under a web-site with your unique name for one, all-inclusive monthly fee. A subscription to HRA Cloudprovides you with this fully functioning, highly secure version of HRA Global that is hosted and maintained by our highly experienced IT staff. All of the technical side is handled for you. All you have to do is manage the information and you can benefit from HRA from anywhere in the world, at any time!


HRA Global  (Web Based HRIS)

HRA Global is a web based HRIS - the flagship version of the HRA HRIS solution. HRA Global provides access across the Internet for companies with multiple locations, branches or offices located across the city, country or around the world. HRA Global represents all the latest features and development of the HRA HRIS for professional human resource management. HRA Global is a valuable asset in human resource planning and personnel management.


HRA Professional  (Windows)

HRA Professional is the fully-featured standard Windows version of HRA for companies where the HR Department, the managers and the employees are all located in the same location, or are on a computer network connecting locations. HRA Professional has all the features that are standard to HRA (see feature list) plus the Nyamba Report Writer for creating custom reports. The reporting capabilities in Nyamba are unmatched in the industry. HRA Professional is very easy to install and to get up and running.


HRA PA Lite (Windows - Small Business)

For small companies who would like to use an HRIS but who can’t justify the cost of a full HRIS there is HRA PA (Personal Assistant) HRA PA is a scaled-down version of HRA Professional but has the same look and feel and many of the same unique features. We have removed the areas of personnel management that only apply when there are hundreds or thousands of employees. Those HR planning issues don’t apply with a small number of employees. Hundreds and hundreds of small businesses all over the world enjoy using HRA PA. HRA PA has an added feature. Should your human resource planning needs or company ever grow you can easily upgrade to one of the other versions of HRA without losing the information and employee history already entered.

HRA HRIS Feature Comparison
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Company Size

(# of employees)

Windows / Web / Cloud


HRA Hosted (Cloud)

75 to 5,000


Hosted by HRA

HRA Global

75 to 5,000


Hosted by you

HRA Professional

50 to 5,000


Hosted by you

HRA PA (Lite)



Hosted by you