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It's the People Inside

HRIS Benefits Overview


The HRA HRIS helps you maintain, analyze and report on all your employee information within a professionally designed and organized software sy.stem


The HRA HRIS has been continuously developed since 1991 which contributes strongly in making it the program it is today.

Customers use HRA HRIS in a wide variety of ways in many different industries in many different countries.


Some customers use HRA HRIS in a relatively simple manner for basic needs. Other customers use HRA HRIS as a one-stop-shop for everything to do with their employees. They use HRA  for everything from their On-line Time & Attendance control to having both the Employee Self Serve and the Manager Self Serve in full operation and helping to manage all their Salary, Benefit, Training Programs and more all integrated and operational through the central office and across the internet with HRA Global, the web based HR Software version.


Above all, customers commonly say that HRA HRIS  is clearly organized. They say HRA HRIS makes complex tasks seem so easy to do.


HRA HRIS is flexible and adaptable to specific needs. Use HRA a little or use it a lot. It's up to you. Remember the 90/10 rule. You should get 90% benefit for 10% of the work! That has always been a design focus for HRA.


HRA HRIS covers the full spectrum of Employee Management Areas. These areas include Basic Employee information, Salary Increases and Histories, Bonuses, Detailed Time Worked & Absence Tracking, Skills Inventories, Training Programs, Discipline Management, Health & Safety, Flexible Benefits, EEO, OSHA, COBRA, Flexible and Fixed Benefit Programs, Workflow Processes and much, much more in a format that you can understand and will enjoy using. More about the features of HRA HRIS.


Hosted HR Software. You can choose to buy or rent a hosted SaaS or Cloud version of HRA.


HRA has a unique design. HRA has many unique design elements. Design elements that can’t be revealed here but have kept HRA at the forefront of HRIS for 20 years.


HRA has payroll integration under control. In order to eliminate duplication of data entry, most clients link HRA with their payroll program. Clients can use the built-in payroll interfaces to connect with any Payroll Package they choose. Clients never have to enter the same information twice. More about HRIS Payroll


HRA gives independence of choice. By choosing HRA clients get a highly customizable, specialized, focused HRIS Solution and the payroll department can choose whichever payroll product they want. Both departments can buy the best products most suited for themselves - from the companies that specialize in each area – and HRA has the integration answers to bring all the systems together easily - Independence and Co-dependence. More about HRIS Payroll Integration


HRIS Canada. If you are looking for a HRIS Software in Canada we can help with that too.