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HRA Open4Time is the standard Time and Attendance System built into the HRA HRIS. Open4Time is designed to replace time sheet entry that is currently being done on spreadsheets and move the process to a solution integrated within the HRIS.


The process of time recording can be moved forward to the managers, or even to the employees themselves, using the Employee Self Serve or Manager Self Serve within HRA so that the information is entered once at the source and not handled again manually.


HRA Open4Time greatly improves the process and eliminates the inefficiencies around the recording and approval of employee time.


Open4Time is designed to replace spreadsheets and manual time systems in a highly effective and efficient manner. Many companies are still using spreadsheets or other manual processes for managing their employee timekeeping and Open4Time places that in the past.


Using the optional Employee Self Serve available in HRA, employees can enter their own timesheets directly. The time sheet information is then available for managers to approve through the built-in HRA Workflow process. Managers can approve the employee records in a number of different ways and HRA has many workflow options to choose from. The approved records are then part of the HRA HRIS and can be used for maintaining instant records of leave entitlement and accumulated time actions.


Important Note: Open4Time does not work with any clocks or devices nor does it have any allowances for rules.  


The Time and Attendance information can also be linked to payroll which eliminates any additional work.


HRA Open4Time is available in either a Windows or web based format and only within HRA. Open4Time is not sold separately.


If you are looking for a simple and effective Time and Attendance system that is built into your HRIS, contact us for more information on  the HRA HRIS and HRA Open4Time.

HRA Open4Time Overview
Additional Efficiencies through HRA Workflow

If you are looking for a more sophisticated Time and Attendance or Scheduling system that incorporates rules and devices such as time clocks you can use the Time Attendance Software Selection Tool at TimeandAttendanceCompare.Com.

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